University of Virginia

University of Virginia LogoThe University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, is the grantee university of the Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability University Transportation Center (MATS UTC).

University of Virginia – As the #2 ranked public university in the nation, UVA is a comprehensive university with a long history of excellence in transportation research and education. It is known for addressing transportation problems from a comprehensive perspective – rather than purely technical. In addition, based on its over 50 year collaboration with transportation agencies in the Commonwealth, through VCTIR, UVA has direct experience with delivering research and education programs that change practice and strengthen industry. This is also evident in UVA’s Transportation Training Academy, one of the leading transportation professional development organizations in the country. Finally, the existence of the institutional framework of the Center for Transportation Studies allows UVA to ensure the administration of the MATS UTC will fully support all activities.