Project Title

Quantifying the Impact of On-Street Parking Information on Congestion Mitigation

Collaborating Universities

Morgan State University
1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore MD 21251

Virginia Tech
1424 S Main St.
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Principal Investigator(s)

Celeste Chavis (MSU)

Mansoureh Jeihani (MSU)

Hesham Rakha (Virginia Tech)

Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)

Morgan State
MATS UTC: $99,999 (Federal)
MSU: $59,646 (Match)
DDOT: $32,300 (Match)

Virginia Tech
MATS UTC: $70,000 (Federal)
Virginia Tech: $70,003 (Match)

Total Project Costs

$169,999 (Federal) / $161,949 (Match)

Start Date


Completion Date



Many jurisdictions have turned to innovative parking management strategies as a way to address congestion in urban areas since the time spent circling for on-street parking increases congestion and emissions. By decoupling pricing from parking information, this project develops a methodology that uses parking turnover and occupancy data to provide drivers with information about available on-street spaces. The parking availability information will be broadcasted via dynamic on-street wayfinding as well as mobile apps. On-street information allows the drivers to find available parking without taking their eyes off the road to use a mobile device; however, mobile apps are beneficial for trip planning and also when drivers can rely on passengers to safely disseminate information or when information is provided via voice commands. On-street parking information has the added benefit of being more equitable as it does not rely on the adoption of smartphone technology.


DDOT is one of the nation’s leading agencies in on-street parking management innovation. DDOT, and in particular the parking team, is a partner in this research project. The Virginia Tech and Morgan State research team will meet regularly with DDOT staff to discuss both the direction and results of the project. This project utilizes data from the Penn Quarter/Chinatown pilot study.


This study can provide agencies with the tools necessary to incorporate parking information into curbside management best practices.

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