Outstanding Students of the Year

To recognize and honor the students supported by the UTC Program, OST-R sponsors an annual awards banquet in collaboration with the Council of University Transportation Centers in January in Washington, DC. Each Center must choose or decline to choose one outstanding student of the year by the deadline established by the UTC Program Office. The Center must provide the student’s information and headshot photo for inclusion in the Student of the Year Awards Program.

The MATS UTC Executive Team is now accepting nominations for the 2018 MATS UTC Student of the Year.  Please read the Selection Criteria and Selection Process below.  Interested students and their advisors should be talking with the Executive Team member at your university as soon as possible.  Each university should submit their choice to lindsay.ivey@virginia.edu by Friday, November 6.


  1. US Citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Eligible candidates must have completed with a grade of B or better at least 12 hours of graduate course work at the time the selection is made, and have a graduate GPA in excess of 3.25 (out of 4.00).
  3.  Affiliation with MATS UTC (funded by a project, mentor to a MATS UTC undergraduate researcher, etc.).
  4.  Selection will be based upon accomplishments in three areas:
  • Technical Merit and Research
  • Academic Performance
  • Professionalism and Leadership

Evidence of research merit is based upon faculty nomination and evaluation of submitted written papers or reports.  Academic performance is based upon courses attempted and grades attained.  Evidence of professionalism and leadership can be in the form of presentations at professional society meetings and symposia, and leadership in student professional activities.


The nominating university should submit the following information to the MATS UTC Executive Team to assist it in its deliberations:

  • Academic transcript and short vita and/or biographical sketch
  • Nomination letter from at least one faculty member
  • Copy of paper(s) written by the nominee