IPA Presents Research Outcomes at 96th Annual TRB Meeting

Researchers from the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware presented research outcomes at the 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Washington, D.C. on January 9 and 10, 2017.

Intermodal Facilities Presentation

IPA policy scientists Marcia Scott and Christopher Kelly presented at Session 464, “Data and Technology for Rural and Intercity Decision Making.” The presentation highlighted findings of a paper selected for inclusion in the TRB’s 2017 Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers entitled, “Research of Viable Attributes and Potential to Integrate Curbside Intercity Buses in Intermodal Transportation Facilities.” The paper was co-authored by Scott, Kelly, former public administration fellow Eileen Collins, IPA Director Jerome R. Lewis, Ph.D., and Professor Ardeshir Faghri, Ph.D. and Research Associate Mingxi Li, Ph.D., of UD’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. The paper may be downloaded from UD Space at http://udspace.udel.edu/handle/19716/19961.

The research paper provides a synopsis of a more in-depth report, co-authored by Scott, Kelly, and Collins and published in November 2013 on, “Intermodal Transportation Facilities: Research of Viable Attributes and Potential to Integrate Curbside Intercity Buses.” The research highlighted benefits of successful intermodal transportation facilities that support and enhance transit usage, promote seamless transfers among modes, provide clear access to transportation networks, maximize transportation options, and create efficiencies of shared costs and transportation infrastructure. In addition to transportation benefits, the report explored the potential for intermodal facilities to serve as centers of revitalization and hubs of economic, commercial, and mixed-used development activity.

While barriers to intermodalism exist, report findings suggest that development and investment in intermodal transportation facilities—which serve as a hub for all modes of transportation, including curbside intercity buses—will promote a more integrated and sustainable transportation system.

Public Involvement Poster Presentation

IPA policy scientist Marcia Scott and public administration fellow Savannah Edwards presented a poster at TRB Session 697, “Current Issues in Transportation Public Involvement.” The poster was among the 25 selected for presentation by the TRB Committee on Public Involvement. Entitled “GIS Story Maps Empower and Engage Stakeholders in Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware,” the 4’ x 8’ poster was designed by IPA policy specialist Sarah Pragg. It summarizes research, funded by the Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability University Transportation Center (MATS UTC), which explores the use of GIS Story Maps to satisfy mandates for increased transparency, accountability, and public engagement in planning for transportation-efficient and sustainable places. IPA developed a series of GIS Story Maps to illustrate Delaware’s complete communities planning framework that is designed to build capacity of local governments to create “attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy & resilient places.” Each Story Map conveys one of the five elements of a complete community. IPA’s GIS Story Map Gallery can be viewed online at http://arcg.is/25DcjGV.

By Marcia Scott, IPA Policy Scientist