List of Posters Presented at 2016 MATS UTC Annual Meeting–Part 1

This is the first 18 of 32 posters presented at the 2016 MATS UTC Annual Meeting August 4-5 in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The hyperlinks reveal a PDF of each poster.

1.  Integrated Data for Improved Asset Management: Case Study for Flood Risk Assessment presented by Jon Goodall and Yawen Shen (A)

2.  Impact of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Stormwater Design and Reoccurring Flooding Problems in the Hampton Roads Region presented by Jon Goodall and Jeff Sadler (A)

3.  Road and Traffic Modeling for Evacuation: Identifying Roads Likely to be Flooded and Comparison of Micro and Macro Simulation Models presented by Pamela Murray-Tuite and Jianhe Du (B)

4. Transportation Infrastructure Flooding: Sensing Water Levels and Clearing and Rerouting Traffic out of Danger presented by Pamela Murray-Tuite (B)

5. MATS UTC AnnualUse of Graph Theory to quantify resilience in multimodal transportation systems presented by Lindsay Ivey-Burden (A)

6. Utilizing a Neighboring Weighted-Estimation Method for Outlier Detection with a Continuous Compaction Control Data Set presented by Will Baker (A)

7. Accelerating Use of Sustainable Materials in Transportation Infrastructure presented by Zhangfan Jiang (A)

8.  Structural Enhancements to Adapt to Impacts of Climate Change presented by Osman Ozbulut (B)

9. Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Wraps for Next Generation Sustainable and Cost-Effective Rehabilitation of Coastal Transportation Infrastructure in the Mid-Atlantic Region presented by Wael Zatar, Hai Nguyen, and Osman Ozbulut (B)

10. Bacterial Communities in Pavement Concrete Susceptible to ASR presented by Julie Maresca (A)

11. Exploring the use of LIDAR data from Autonomous Cars for Estimating Traffic Flow Parameters and Vehicle Trajectories presented by Reza Nezafat and Mecit Cetin (B)

12. Aerosol Detection in Lidar-Based Atmospheric Profiling presented by Mohamed Elbakary, Khan Iftekharrudin, and Hossam Abdelghafar (A)

13.  Leveraging Connected Vehicles to Enhance Traffic Responsive Traffic Signal Control presented by Andrew Nichols (B)

14. Evaluation of Emergency Vehicle Preemption and Emissions-based Performance Assessment of Traffic Control Using High Resolution Data presented by Andrew Nichols (B)

15. Connected Vehicle Technologies for improving fuel efficiency and durability of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles presented by Yongqiang (John) Wang (A)

16.  Exploring Environmentally Sustainable Traffic Signal Warrant for Planning Application presented by Seongah Hong (A)

17. Optimizing Isolated Traffic Signal Timing Considering Energy and Environmental Impacts presented by Alvaro J. Calle (A)

18. Development and Testing of Eco-routing and Eco-Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Systems presented by Ahmed Elbery and Jinghui Wang (A)