Register for the MATS UTC Annual Meeting or Open House August 4-5 in Charlottesville

We are happy to announce that registration is open for the MATS UTC Annual Meeting, August 4-5 in Charlottesville, VA. Following a similar format to last year, we will start at noon on Thursday with a lunch and poster session featuring most of our 30 active or newly completed projects.  Then we’ll have a State of the Center presentation and featured junior faculty speakers from around the region.  The poster session and afternoon sessions will be open to the public as our first MATS UTC Open House.  After a dessert reception and candlelight tours of the UVA Grounds, we will meet Friday morning with break out discussions.  Friday afternoon features a Transportation Sustainability Workshop.  More details are provided below.

We’re staying at The Graduate Hotel and a limited number of rooms are available at the government rate.  Please register for the meeting with the link below and then reserve your $128 hotel room by calling 434-295-4333, option 1 as soon as possible but before June 30, 2016.

MATS UTC Affiliates:
Full Meeting Registration:
MATS UTC faculty, staff and researchers will pay a $50 registration fee.
Students and Advisory Board Members, please register as “Local Government” and select “Pay by Check” to receive complimentary conference registration.

Non-MATS UTC Affiliates:
Open House Registration Only (Free!):
Includes Thursday activities from 12-4:30pm.

(After registering (and paying as appropriate) you will receive an automatic confirmation that suggests that you have signed up for a Transportation Training Academy class.  This confirms your registration to the Annual Meeting.)

More Agenda Details

THURSDAY, August 4

OPEN HOUSE from 12:00-5:00 in Rice Hall on the University of Virginia Grounds in Charlottesville.  Open to all.  Registrations preferred.

12:00-2:00  MATS UTC Research Project Posters  (over 30!) and Lunch

Move to Rice Hall Auditorium.  This portion is available as a webinar:  Register Here

2:15-2:45 State of MATS UTC Presentation (Brian Smith)
2:45-5:00  Emerging Research Areas and Opportunities
                2:45-3:00  Rajesh Paleti, Old Dominion University
                3:00-3:15  Hao Chen, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
                3:15-3:30  Celeste Chavis, Morgan State University
                3:30-3:45 Wrap Up and Audience Discussion
4:00-4:15  Julia Maresca, University of Delaware
                4:15-4:30  Hai Nguyen, Marshall University
                4:30-4:45 Cody Fleming, University of Virginia
                4:45-5:00 Wrap Up and Audience Discussion


5:00-5:15  Announcements (Dinner and Evening Event Logistics; Friday Morning)
Dinner on your own
7:30-9:00 Dessert Reception at the Garden Room on UVA Lawn
9:00-10:15 Candlelight Tours of UVA Grounds

FRIDAY, August 5

7:45-8:30 Breakfast
8:30 Announcements/Break-out Logistics
8:45-9:30 Breakout Session #1
                Breakout A:  Sustainable Freight Movement
                Breakout B:  Coastal Infrastructure Reliability
                Breakout C:  Reaching Underrepresented Groups
                Breakout D:  Technical Transfer
9:30-10:15  Breakout Session #2
                Breakout E:  Energy Efficient Urban Transportation
                Breakout F:  Preserving the Environment
                Breakout G:  Outreach and Collaboration—Internal and External; Academic and Agency
                Breakout H:  Technical Transfer
10:30-11:15  Breakout Session #3
                Breakout I:  Enhanced Water Quality Management
                Breakout J:  Sustainable Land Use Practices
                Breakout K:  Education
                Breakout L:  Technical Transfer
11:15-12:00 Breakout Reports

12:00-1:00 Boxed Lunches
1:00-4:00 Transportation Sustainability Workshop:  Mobile, Wearable Sensing for Sustainable Transportation Systems (Andrew Mondschein)

Information about the 2015 Annual Meeting can be found here.