Estimating Traffic Flow Rate on Freeways from Probe Vehicle Data: Presentation to the IEEE ITS Conference by Dr. Mecit Cetin

On Friday, September 18th, Old Dominion University TRI Director Dr. Mecit Cetin presented a paper related to MATS-UTC research at the IEEE ITS Conference in Canary Islands, Spain. The paper, “Estimating Traffic Flow Rate on Freeways from probe Vehicle Data and Fundamental Diagram,” explores how GPS trajectory data could be utilized to estimate flow rates on freeways. While in practice such data are typically used to provide speed and travel time information to travelers, as the market penetration of probe vehicles is increasing, researchers have begun investigating alternative modeling approaches to estimate flow rates from the probe data as well.

In this paper, different single-regime fundamental diagrams of traffic flow are investigated. The results based on field data suggest that flow rates are best estimated by using Van Aerde fundamental diagram. Moreover, estimates of flow rates during congested periods are found to be more accurate than those in free-flow periods. The authors, Ph.D. candidate Khairul (Afi) Anuar and Drs. Mecit Cetin and Filmon Habtemichael, are doing additional research to incorporate the traffic shockwave theory to improve the flow rate prediction from probe vehicle data. More information on this paper can be found at:—2.html