Five Competitive Collaborative Projects Awarded to Start January 1, 2015

Clipart of groups of people, holding puzzle pieces that are about to fit togetherMATS UTC is pleased to announce the award of five competitive collaborative projects.  These awards are the result of an RFP issued to all consortium members and researchers.  The proposals had to be related to topics selected by the MATS UTC Advisory Board and at least one of the five MATS UTC research focus areas:  Sustainable Freight Movement, Coastal Infrastructure Resiliency (CIR), Energy Efficient Urban Transportation (EU), Enhanced Water Quality Management (WM), or Sustainable Land Use Practices (LU).  The proposals were reviewed by three or four external reviewers.   Congratulations to the following awards:

Lead Univ. PI Other Investigators Other Univ. Title Category
VT Hankey Buehler, Mondschein UVA Designing a bicycle and pedestrian traffic count program to estimate performance measures on streets and sidewalks in Blacksburg, VA LU
UD Chiu Imhoff, Culver UVA Simultaneous Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Stormwater by Zero-Valent Iron and Biochar in Bioretention Cells WM
UVA Goodall Sridhar VT Impact of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Stormwater Design and Reoccurring  Flooding Problems in the Hampton Roads Region CIR
ODU Iftekharuddin Cetin, Rakha VT LiDAR for Air Quality Measurement EU-T
UD Prasad Advani, Shin MSU Connected Vehicle Technologies for Energy Efficient Urban Transportation EU