2014 Fall Teacher Transportation Institute (TTI)

The teachers conduct a traffic feasibility study at the site of a proposed roundaboutThe 2014 Fall Teacher Transportation Institute (TTI) began on Saturday, October 4, 2014 and will end on Saturday, November 22, 2014.  The program is held on Saturdays and provides an opportunity for high school STEM teachers to become aware of STEM areas associated with the transportation industry.

The teachers receive presentations from professionals in the transportation industry.  They will focus on the construction and design concepts of modern traffic roundabouts. The cohort will conduct traffic feasibility studies and discuss the safety and driver efficiency at the site of a roundabout and at a proposed roundabout site.

They will also research and discuss V2V (vehicle to vehicle communication) technology and how the technology can be used to improve safety for commuters and pedestrians at roundabout locations. The teachers will use information from videos, presentations, research and studies to develop and design a model roundabout.  The teachers will drive a car simulator and experience the hazards of distracted driving.

On the final day of the program, the teachers will conduct PowerPoint presentations about STEM careers associated with the transportation industry, discuss the features of their model roundabouts, and discuss how V2V technology might improve safety at roundabout sites. Their presentations will include information about the types of careers that are available to students who are efficient in STEM areas.

The teachers will conclude their presentation project with an explanation of how they will integrate transportation related STEM concepts into their lesson plans.  TTI participants will consider ideas to encourage their students to be innovative thinkers and to develop their skills in STEM areas.

TTI participants will receive a certificate of completion from the National Transportation Center and six Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Morgan State University’s Center for Professional Development and Continuing Studies.