Competitive Collaborative RFP Issued–Proposals Due October 15, 2014

Many MATS UTC projects (58% of MATS UTC federal research funding) will be collaborative projects selected in this competitive program.   There will be two rounds of solicitations, the first being issued in August 2014 and the other issued 18 months following the project start date (likely in late fall, 2015).  The request for proposals will be crafted based on guidance from the MATS UTC advisory panel and will invite both (i) faculty generated ideas for projects that meet the goals and focus areas identified above, and (ii) proposals responding to a  set of regionally significant project needs as identified by the advisory panel.  All proposals will be required to include 2 or more MATS UTC member institutions, and they must include the required matching funds.  In an effort to ensure that only the highest quality research is conducted in this program, all proposals will be peer-reviewed by national experts, with the reviews informing the advisory panel as they recommend specific projects to center leadership.  The center budget includes funding set-aside for reviewer honorarium to provide incentive for complete, timely reviews.

Current Competitive Collaborative RFP:  MATS UTC call for proposals Aug 2014 FINAL  Due October 15, 2014.